Environmental Policy

At Mahadev Craft Concepts all the wood is sourced from managed forests [to ensure all trees floored are replaced] and only through licensed wood dealers. India has one of the strictest forestry policies around & there are huge re-planting schemes. At Mahadev Craft Concepts we are committed to ensure that no further damage is caused for our planets natural forests.

Manufacturing facilities and staff

We have approximately 15,000 sq feet dedicated to our own manufacturing unit; finishing and packaging ? storage with a 200KW power load factor and 100% power back up. The strength of an organisation lies in its people. We ensure that our internal processes of hiring, retention and re-training are amongst the best in the Industry. Each person hired goes through a number of interviews during which we assess competence, attitude and culture fit. Today we have over 150 extremely skilled workers and 16 administrative staff to ensure smooth management of our processes. We are a fair trade organisation that simply indicates that no child labour is ever involved and remuneration of our staff is among the best in industry.

Wood Used

Mahadev Craft Concepts currently manufactures a large range of wooden furniture by Indian hard wood known as Sheesham, Maple, Oak, Teak and Mango.Sheesham is our mostly used wood, usually of the species ( Dalbergia sissoo ), occurs throughout the sub – Himalayan region, from the Indus to Assam, usually at elevations of up to 2950 feet (900 m), but sometimes at 4900 feet (1500 m). It often grows in mixed stands on new alluvial lands or low banks of river. The wood is described as golden brown to deep brown in colour, with darker streaks that give the wood an attractive appearance. The wood is hard, with a uniform and medium coarse texture. Natural resistance to decay is very high, and borers and ants rarely attack the hardwood. Carving properties are very good, and it is considered to be one of two most popular carving and engraving woods in India. Sheesham is a good turnery wood that peels exceptionally well to produce highly decorative veneers which glue and dry without difficulty.

Our Standard packing consists of corrugated roll. We also pack as per the specification of our clients. In such cases any additional cost such as special corrugated corners, cartons etc is borne by the clients.

? Lacquer, a type of finishing process using shellac applied with manual paint brush.
? Wax, a type of finishing process using wood stain applied with manual paint brush.
? NC Spray, a type of finishing process using Nitro Cellulose material applied with sprayer.
? Paint, a type of finishing process using paints. That can be done in both way of manual paint brush or sprayer.